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NFT Development Service We Launch Brands not just NFTs is an official NFT development service where you can get your NFT Art Designed, Collectibles, Traits, Variations, Smart Contact and NFT Marketing Done by Professionals 


The creation of a unique product identity and authentication of ownership make non-fungible tokens a reliable tool to combat the challenge of duplication

Resale and Royalty

NFTs enable complete transparency in the product sale process, allowing the creators and buyers to track the product lifecycle with utmost granularity..


Given that NFT token development takes place on a blockchain platform, the high security code makes the certification indestructible and timeless.

Our NFT Development Company Offers

NFT Art Design Service

An NFT collection usually, sells artwork. From 300 to 10’000 images with the same base but different attributes. The rarity of the attributes gives each NFT a “rank” therefore each NFT has a unique value. Our team has very talented graphic designers to make amazing artwork.

Social Media Strategy

You will need to have a solid social media strategy in order to sell your NFTs. You need to reach the right people at the right time. We offer a custom social media strategy and we also take care of applying the strategy during the project. Discord Server

NFT Minting Platform Development

The website will be the place where people can get to know more about the project and where they can mint (buy) the NFT. It needs a special integration to the blockchain via JavaScript.

Discord Server Management

A Discord server is a place where your community will interact with everyone. Composed with different channels the moderator of the Discord can pass through information to the whole community. EVERY NFT collection has its dedicated Discord Server. It is very important to build a strong community.

NFT Smart Contract Development

The smart contract is a piece of code that manages the buying/selling of the NFTs. It also has a role to be the ownership certificate for the buyer. In the smart contract, you have information like in what wallet the money goes after the NFT is minted. And how much percentage of royalties we collect on each retail sale of the NFT and where the money goes.

Roadmap Elaboration

The roadmap consists of milestones and tasks you want to achieve with your NFT project. This can be anything from coding a metaverse game to giving access to limited edition physical products. As long as it is solid and convinces a potential client to buy the NFT it is good to include in the roadmap.

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Get your Unique NFT Character.

NonFungiblestoken offer’s high-quality custom mascot design in cartoon or anime style for nft (non fungible token)

NFT Collections

NFT art collection with 100, 1k, 10k nfts

LET US DESIGN YOUR NFT ART! We are ONE-STOP-SHOP to create your NFT Collectibles Art.

How it Works?

Our online procedure is very simple, Just follow the below steps and we will start working for you immediately

Step 1: Place your order

First of all go to the pricing section below by scrolling down and choosing your desired plan i.e: Bronze, Silver, or Golden.

Step 3: We will start working on your order

Once we received your order detail and questionnaire, we will start working on your order immediately, if we require any further information we will contact you at your provided email address.

Step 2: Fill out the Questionnaire

After placing your order. you will. be redirected to a questionnaire page. where we will ask you some questions about how do you want us to design your NFT's, Base, and 10000+ Collections. you will also have the option to write us a custom message.

Step 4: Order Delivery

After we complete your order we will deliver it to you on your email address or any appropriate way to you i.e DropBox, GoogleDrive or OneDrive

Choose a plan that
fits your requirments.



One base character NFT

one base character NFT

  • ✅ 1 Base Artwork
  • ✅ 1 Trait/Accessory
  • ✅ 1 Variation
  • ❌ Metadata
  • ❌ Collection Generation
  • ✅ Background/Scene
  • ✅ Source File



1000 NFT Collections

1000 amazing NFT art with up to 20 traits.

  • ✅ 1 Base Artwork
  • ✅ 20 Trait/Accessory
  • ✅ 5,000 Variation
  • ✅ Metadata
  • ✅ Collection Generation
  • ✅ Background/Scene
  • ✅ Source File



10,000 NFT Collections

10000 amazing NFT art with up to 40 traits.

  • ✅ 1 Base Art Work
  • ✅ 40 Trait/Accessory
  • ✅ 10,000 Variation
  • ✅ Metadata
  • ✅ Collection Generation
  • ✅ Background/Scene
  • ✅ Source File